Mar Fayos - vocals
Jofre Fite - piano
Alberto Lopez - electric bass
Josep Puigdollers - drums and hand percussion

Mar Fayos is a Jazz vocalist from Barcelona, Spain. Her music could be described as jazz-fusion creations with Latin, Mediterranean and Soul influences, able to satisfy the tastes of the most demanding listeners of each genre. Where the elegance and sensitiveness of traditional jazz intersects with powerful and personal messages, Mar Fayos Project finds the perfect environment to create special memories for the audience, transforming a jazz concert into a complete and intimate shared journey. The band, completed by Jofre Fité on piano, Alberto López on electric bass and Josep Puigdollers on drums, performed almost a hundred shows last year among Spain and the US, receiving a great response from both booking agents, audiences and critics, and it is currently recording its first EP of original music, to be released in 2020.