Lucas Delgado - piano
Juan Pastor - double-bass
Selma Bruna - voice

La Punta de l’Iceberg is the first album by the young Barcelona based jazz pianist and composer Lucas Delgado. Alongside Juan Pastor (double bass) they have conceived and arranged a 12 original song repertoire that combines a fresh cocktail of genres comprising jazz, classical and traditional music.
The album features Selma Bruna, a very versatile spanish singer, Darío Barroso on flamenco guitar and the very well known Sílvia Perez Cruz. Regardless the originality of the tunes, the music feels very organic and versatile, bouncing from one genre to another making the whole live experience a must see. Despite his young age, Juan Pastor is already involved in bands led by some of the most recognized jazz players from Spain such as Perico Sambeat (Brad Mehldau, Kurt Rosenwinkel..) or Toni Vaquer (Bill McHenry, Jorge Rossy…).