Cosmopolitan Sextet

Germany, Ukraine, Italy

Rick- Henry Ginkel - guitar
Stanislav Zhukovskyy - oboe, english horn, duduk
Juan Sebastian Arauz - piano
Gabriele Basilico - double bass, e-bass
Fabian Kunzer - drums
Anton Zhukovskyy - percussion, syntheziser

The music of the Cosmopolitan Sextet is a mixture of Jazz, Classical, Pop and Folk. Everybody is composing and everybody brings his own cultural background - Ukraine, Equador, Italy, Germany in the compositions and in the bandsound. The fact, that every musician is experienced in different projects let the band work in a very demanding and professional way. Rick met his musicians three years ago and they started to play together. "From the first moment on it worked very well between us, cause we are thinking musically in the same way - the most important point is working on the sound and the expression of our music - and we have the same goal, to perform our music for a lot of people in the world and to share our music with them."In summer 2015 they produced the first CD in the studios of Saarländischer Rundfunk, released by the swiss label "Unit Records".They performed i.e. together with Paul Mc Candless or Giovanni Mirabassi in two Jazz-festivals, which was a big succes.