Jan Jarecki - piano
Michal Aftyka - double bass
Marcin Sojka - drums

JAH is an acoustic jazz trio formed in 2014. The band uses elements of swing music, groove and broadly defined improvisation in their work. In addition, the music material presented at concerts is diverse, rich in space and colors. They perform the leader's original compositions and their own interpretations of jazz standards. The trio performed on one stage before artists such as Ewa Uryga & New York Collective, Wojciech Karolak, Mark Soskin, Stanis?aw Soyka and others. The band consists of musicians from Warsaw and the Tri-City. The band recorded their debut album, which will be released in early June. The band received Honorable mention in Pozna? Jazz Competition 2019, while its members received Individual awards for Jan (for compositions) and Micha? (Best Bass Player) on X RCK Pro Jazz Festiwal 2019, while Sojka was awarded with the Radio Gdansk’s Prize at Ladies Jazz Festival.