France, Germany, Italy

Sonia Loenne - vocals
Robin Rauhut - piano
Grégoire Pignède - double bass
Edoardo Sonnenschein - drums

The Rainald Brederling Quintett was founded during a morning of coffee and cookies in summer 2018. Since then, Sonia, Robin, Grégoire and Eddy have been on a constant search: The Search for Rainald. Because he got missing at some point... oh well. Always travelling between Leipzig, Weimar and Mainz, the four musicians still keep on playing together, although life has thrown them into different directions. They were invited to play at the "Meeting of the Young Music Scene" at the Berlin Festival of the Arts 2018 and the "Federal Youth Jazz Festival" Leipzig 2020, have released an EP and was planned to play their second tour this summer. For them, Jazz is not a genre, but a mindset for playing together, and more than to fit into any common musical style, they want: to be a band, that makes beautiful music.
The band was awarded at the “Meeting Of The Young Music Scene” – Federal Competition of the Berlin Festival of The Arts 2018 and was the chosen performer at the German Festival for Young Jazz Music in Leipzig 2020.