Israel, France, Estonia, Romania

Hila Hutmacher - voice
Deborah Dery - piano
Andres Alaru - double bass

Hila Hutmacher is a singer, composer, arranger and a band leader. She graduated with excellence from the jazz department at the Jerusalem academy for music and was accepted to the prestigious master’s program at conservatorium van Amsterdam, where soon created a band consisting of four countries (Germany, Israel, South Korea, and France). The band plays traditional jazz alongside contemporary jazz. The band invites the listener to enjoy multiple cultural influences that are all reflected in the music and in their mutual love for Jazz. Hila was born in Israel to an Argentinian father and Romanian mother. In her music she reflects her multi-cultural influences from South American music into Classical music to Jazz music and to Middle eastern music. Maik, a German bass player, relocated to Amsterdam in 2012 has a unique melodic and harmonic approach in his bass playing. Nino is a young and talented French drums player and Katja is an awarded jazz pianist from Seoul and her music is based on Jazz, Modern classical and Korean traditional music.