Lucas Delgado - piano, voice
Rita Payes - trombone, voice
Magali Datzira - double bass, voice
Pol Ribo - drums, voice

St George Quartet is a Barcelona based project formed by four young musicians who initially gathered together to perform a 13 original song repertoire by the pianist Lucas Delgado and later on started turning into more of an “equal responsibility” 4et. The musical purpose has always been to find a genuine sound handcrafted by the four different personalities that comprise the group. Furthermore, the voices of Payés and Datzira do make a difference and add very unique colour to the essence of the band.
Rita Payés is a trombone player and singer who, despite her young age - 20years old has already recorded in more than 20 albums and also recorded her debut album ‘Imagina”. She is one of the most requested spanish jazz musician and is currently touring around Europe and South America.