Germany, Russia, France, Denmark

Tatiana Nova – vocals
Antoine Martin - alto saxophone
Rasmus Holm - trombone
Peter Philipp Rohm - piano
Otis Sander - bass
Henry Hahnfeldt - drums

No Pressure is a band of six versatile musicians from different countries, who form a European fellowship of sound. Not trying to fit into specific genres or „boxes“, they play original music in a „Multilingual Jazz“ direction. It is rare, that after the first time playing music together you immediately feel that it works. It was exactly the same with No Pressure. When they met as junior teachers at the Jazz Academy in Heek in June 2019, they had to play a concert as a band with little rehearsal time. Everyone felt immediately: the project will ignite very quickly. With the recording of this concert, the band was able to plan a concert tour in April 2020. The band’s leader, Tatiana Nova already performed in Canada, Israel, the USA, Russia, Kazakhstan and Spain. In October 2019 she released her debut EP “PLANETA” (Russian for Planet). At the moment Nova is working on original compositions for an upcoming album with „No Pressure“

"I love working with international artists and see myself as a traveling musician."