France, Australia, USA, Columbia

Daniel Gassin - piano
Cynthia Abraham - voice
Josiah Woodson - guitar
Fabricio Nicolas-Garcia - double bass
Damien Françon - drums

Daniel Gassin moved to Paris from Melbourne in 2013, and formed his Crossover Band four years later. The band’s name hints at the style of the music: an intersection of modern jazz and contemporary straight-beat influences. The group performs all original compositions written by Daniel Gassin.  The band’s members fit the style of the music perfectly, with their diverse backgrounds and knowledge of multiple styles related to the jazz idiom. The band performed at Juan-les-Pins Jazz Festival after releasing a 5-track EP in June 2019, featuring US vocal sensation Alita Moses. Daniel Gassin Crossover Band launched its debut album on 23 April 2021 on the French label Jazz Family.

modern jazz, straight beat