Rafal Tworek - piano, voice
Joanna Sobowiec-Jamiol - voice, lip trumpet

From smooth minimal jazz to ….
The duo is formed by Joanna Sobowiec-Jamiol - singer/coloratura soprano/lip trumpeter/choral conductor and Rafal Tworek - prepared jazz pianist/composer/vocalist. The musicians met 20 years ago at the Academy of Music in Bydgoszcz. They were united by singing in the choir. It is the sensitivity to sound harmony, empathy, talking and permeation that is the distinctive feature of the duo. They play with form, articulation and sound, avoiding patterns and beaten paths. Apart from playing jazz standards, they willingly improvise on classical music, with a particular love for early music. In their interpretations, you can hear references to their favorite musical styles: baroque, soul, blues, Latin jazz and even rock.

jazz standards, fusion, classical, latino jazz, rock, blues