Alessio Magliari - piano
Gianmarco De Nisi - drums
Giordano Panizza - double bass

Alessio Magliari Trio is a young formation born from the encounter of three young musician during their academic path in Conservatorio.  Two years ago they started to rehearsal together, moved by a deep passion for jazz music, in all his forms, from the classic swing style to progressive modern jazz. In early 2020 Alessio Magliari trio (at the time GM TRIO) won the first prize of the Carissimi Jazzoltre competition, playing both standards from the jazz tradition and original tunes, composed by the pianist Alessio Magliari: due the COVID pandemic the trio could not perform since march 2020, but they kept to rehearsal and working on new original music, planning to record and publish their first album.

modern 60’ jazz, jazz rock, fusion classic-jazz-blues, latin jazz, jazz ballad, hard bop, bebop