Da Voicez

Russia, Ukraine

Rada Pokarzhevska - vocal & keyboard
Angelina Bulikbaeva - vocal
Tamara Delsal - vocal
Mikhail Mazuro - percussion
Pavel Martynenko - guitar

„Da Voicez” was founded by Rada Pokarzhevska 10 years ago in Ukraine – though the jazz-vocal ensemble was then named „BC”. The band won several jazz contests such as „DoDzh-junior” (2004 – 2006). The new life of the ensemble begun in Moscow, Russia, after Rada moved there in 2008. Under the name of  „Da Voicez” they participated to the festivals: „Jazz Territory 2010”, „Petrojazz 2011”, „Gnesin Jazz 2012” and „MusOceanFest”. Their repertoire consists of jazz covers, unexpected versions of renowned songs and original compositions written by Rada, Lina and Tamara.