In One Stroke

Hong Kong-China, UK

Patrick Lui - piano
Tsui Chin Hung - guitar
Wong Tak Chung - bass
Almond Yeung - drums

As a painting, when an entire piece is meticulously crafted with just a single stroke of the brush it is called a one stroke painting. As an expression, when something happens immediately it is said to be happening ‘in one stroke’. The band features primarily original compositions. The name describes the band’s aspiration towards interpreting music: shaping a piece from beginning to end, connecting sections as seamlessly as if it is done in one ‘stroke’; while maintaining the spontaneity in improvising, creating each moment ‘in one stroke’.The band has appeared in concerts such as ‘Connecting Spaces Hong Kong - Zurich’, ‘Open Music Series’, ‘In The Mood For Jazz’, plays regularly in different jazz clubs and recently published their first album.