Noel Simone Band of Friends NYC


Noel Simone Wippler - vocalist
Bernard A. Myers Jr.- drum, percussion
Dylan Kaminkow - bass
Keenyn Omari - soprano sax and flute
John Lander - piano, keyboard 
Peter DelGrosso - french horn

Band of Friends is a New York City based jazz, bossa nova,soul and funk band with Noël Simoné Wippler as bandleader / composer / arranger / lyricist / vocalist. Noël Simoné Wippler is a performing artist, songwriter born and raised in Harlem, New York City. Starting in Winter 2013 as a jazz jam band with various musicians from the NYC area. The band performs on a regular basis in the Harlem community. Previous performances at Chocolat Restaurant, Paris Blues, Cafe Noctambulo, Caffe Vivaldi, Newark New Jersey International Airport, Silvana and SHRINE, Gin Fizz, and Rockwood Music Hall in NYC area to name a few venues.