Stefano Latteri Band

Italy, Romania


Stefano Latteri - voice

Stefan Lovin - piano

As a singer and musician, Stefano Latteri is a representative musician of the new jazz generation in Rome. He has experience as a gospel, jazz, and soul singer and now he is the leader of a jazz vocal group, and also plays in a jazz duo ( double bass and vocals). Stefano has a large experience gained by participating in many workshops - Jay Clayton, Bob Stoloff and others. Jazz pianist, classical music performer and composer, Stefan Lovin quickly established himself as a musician starting with the Sibiu Jazz Festival 2005. This was followed by the Bucharest Jazz Festival, in the same year, EUROPAfest 2006, the 2008 edition of the Festival of Contemporary Music, and many others. His style combines in an original way elements of classical music (Bach, Chopin) and jazz with the fresh lyricism of the flamenco (Vicente Amigo). He is engaged in many solo recitals. And in recent years he also performed in various duets, piano - percussion and modern jazz with contemporary dance projects.