Michal Puchowski VIBE Quartet


Michal Puchowski - vibraphone, malletkat
Wojciech Piokowski - saxophone
Pawel Urowski - double bass, bass guitar
Maksymilian Olszewski - drums

MP Vibe Quartet is a band of musicians who were award many times in Polish and foreign jazz contests. Everyone is individual soul and everyone tries to build something special in their own music. In 2015 recorded their first jazz album in concert studio in Radio Gdansk folowed by a tour. Music is mainly composed by Michal Puchowski, but there are also a jazz standars with new vision of band. Every member is trying to connect its own conception with the main way of thinking in their music. A Group is also experimenting with electronic sounds. They are lead the music events to make a tension with audience for create emotional energy everytime.